The Role of the Nurse In Pain Management

The nurse as a member of the health team, has a unique role to play in effective pain management. They include

  •     Assessing pain at regular intervals
  • ·         Reporting the patient’s level of pain
  • ·         Developing the patient’s plan of care
  • ·         Implementing pain management strategies and indicated nursing interventions including aggressive treatment of side effects (i.e. nausea, vomiting, constipation, pruritus etc),
  • ·         Educating the patient, family and significant other(s) regarding,
*      Their role in pain management,
*      The detrimental effects of unrelieved pain,
*      Overcoming barriers to effective pain management,
*      The pain management plan and expected outcome of the plan;.
  • ·         Evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies and the nursing interventions;
  • ·         Documenting and reporting the interventions, patient’s response, outcomes; and
  • ·         Advocating for the patient and family for effective pain management

Written By Prince Assandoh-Mensah (RN, BSN- CHN, Clinical Nurse)


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