From Banking To Health


Mr Osei Asibey Kwarteng

His sudden move from banking to health education was one that took many by surprise. But today, he can boast of thousands of professionals, both in the United Kingdom and Ghana that have benefited from the fruit of his labour.

Mr Osei Asibey Kwarteng is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Oak City International College formerly of City of London Business College.
In 1968, Mr Kwarteng left the shores of Ghana to the United Kingdom to further his education after quitting his job with the then Bank of British West Africa now acquired by Standard Bank.
After his education in London, he got the opportunity to work in Midland Bank, one of the indigenous banks in the United Kingdom.
However, after several years of service in the banking sector, he decided to set up a school to train young African migrants; a move that surprised most of his family and friends.
This according to Mr Kwarteng was to bridge the employment inequalities that existed between the indigenes and the African Migrants.

“I decided to set up a school because I realized that most of our colleagues were only engaged in jobs like cleaning because they did not have the right qualification to work in offices”

In 1990, he set up the City of London Business College in London that trained students in both business and healthcare courses.
However, after 18years of providing quality education in London, the Ghanaian born entrepreneur left the management of the school to his children and moved to Ghana to set up the Ghana campus of his school. The school, City of London Business College Ghana Campus was later renamed as Oak City International College.
In 2017, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana licensed the school to run the Diploma in Nursing Programme. It is now affiliated to the University of Cape Coast.
Currently, the school is receiving application from interested Senior High School leavers who dream of becoming nurses.
Mr Kwarteng is very passionate about health education and therefore urges every student who want to take a career in health to study hard in order to get the right aggregates for admission.

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