How To Get The Experience Employers Seek For?|#3 Just Take It|S1 E4

By Assandoh

Remember, the issue is not about huge sums of money immediately after school. What you need is experience. So whatever offer they give you at the interview table, just take it. Though you have to bargain to get an optimum offer, do not leave the interview desk without taking the last offer. Remember you are not in for the money. You need something worth more than money and that’s experience; so that you can later opt for better appointments elsewhere.

One day, barely 3months after school, this very good friend of mine introduced me to a part time teaching appointment. After the interview, the administrator told me she can only offer me two credit hours in a week which will end me only GHc160 in a month. Balancing cost with the amount I will receive, though I was jobless then, I decided not to do it.

However this very good friend of mine advised me to take the job.  Though I was very reluctant to do so, I took heed to his word. To my amazement, I was given three other credit hours in addition to the two credit hours after working in the firm for only two weeks. After some couple of months, I got employment in a much higher institution using the experience I got from the first institution.

No offer is worse than staying at home. Even if you have to spend more than what you receive, still do not reject the offer. Work and gain your experience and look elsewhere for better options.

The writer is a Nurse, a Blogger and a Health and Career Coach. He has been a resource person at countless number of conferences and students platforms both on health and career developments.  For Health or Career Counselling and Speaking Engagements, contacts (+233)  0505167698


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