Being Equipped For Job Search| S1 E5

By Assandoh

Every worker goes to the field fully equipped with the needed tools and concepts in order to be able to function effectively. Yet, many job seekers move to the field with the wrong concept and poorly equipped with the needed tools.

For the few weeks ahead of us, we’re going to look at how we can be well equipped for our job search journey. We are not only going to look at what we need for our job search journey, but we are also going to tackle some of the things we don’t need that at times  find themselves in our tool bags.

We are going to tackle issues relating to our attitudes, aspirations and conceptions. The ones we need to adopts and the ones we need to leave behind and also the kind of work we shouldn’t spend our whole time looking for, because they practically hardly exist.

Quite often, our conceptions while in school or out of school put us under undue pressure or limit us from getting the right job. At times, the number one cause of our joblessness may have everything to do with  our thoughts, aspirations and what we say.

What kind of jobs should we look for right after school? This is a million dollar question we are going to address in our subsequent posts. Most graduates are jobless today because they are not looking for the right jobs.

Remember, the right tools, the right concepts helps you cut the right deals. Visit same website on Thursday, 26/04/2018 for our first post on “What You Don’t Need For Job Search.

The writer is a Nurse, a Blogger and a Health and Career Coach. He has been a resource person at countless number of conferences and students platforms both on health and career developments.  For Health or Career Counselling and Speaking Engagements, contacts (+233)  0505167698


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