#2 Sharing|Common Campus Lifestyle That May Put Your Health at Risk |S1 E2

By Assandoh

Another common campus lifestyle that may put one’s health on campus at risk is sharing. Right from your room or dorm to the lecture hall, library, eatery and back to your room, you will tend to use things that have been used by over thousands of people.

In your rooms, you may have to share the same bathroom or toilet facilities with your roommates. The seats you will use in the shuttle may have been used by hundreds of students without seeing any significant cleaning, likewise the classroom seat.

At the eatery, the plates you will be served with are ones that have already been used by several students whiles you may not know the type of hands (whether clean or unclean) that handled the book you will be yearning to read at the library.

As has been already said, “There is no total privacy on campus” and even at times you find it very difficult to use your personal things alone. A friend may seek your indulgence to use your pen at lectures or eating bowl in the room.

All these may indirectly put you at risk to several infections. Key among these are infections affecting our stomach, intestines and other digestive organs. These diseases usually present with abdominal pains, frequent passing of stools (faeces) and vomiting.

Since most of these infections are picked by our hands, regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizers can reduce their spread.


The writer is a Nurse, a Blogger and a Health and Career Coach. He has been a resource person at countless number of conferences and students platforms both on health and career developments.  For Health or Career Counselling and Speaking Engagements, contacts (+233)  0505167698


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