What You Need For Job Search |#1 Extra Competency| S1 E9

By Assandoh

I believe for now, we know our don’ts in the job search market? If yes, then let get ready to discuss what we need in the job search field.

We are going to talk about three cardinal things: Extra competency, Job Search Skills and Experience.

Extra Competency

Have you ever thought of what an ACCA certificate would do for a accounting graduate at the interview table.

Today, in every job listing, aside specifying the years of experience required, you will also see something like, “Those with this or that certificate will have an added advantage” or “having this or that certificate will be an advantage“.

For what importance will a certificate in project management be to a secretary but the day before I wrote this piece, I read a job listing from an online recruitment website looking for secretaries which stated that having a certificate in project management aside the basic requirements will be an added advantage.

Job seekers who were already mad about “having this or that number of years of experience,” should start preparing for the “added certificate for added advantage saga.” Practically, added certificate is not meant to scare or disqualify any job seeker. The fact is, employers are always finding ways to cut down cost and they’ve realized that, instead of spending huge sums of money training an employee, they can hire an already-made employee that only need a little training.

Just wear the cap of an employer for a minute and analyse the scenario below.

Whom would you prefer to employ in an ICU when two nurses bring their certificates; one with only an RGN license and the other with RGN license plus Critical Care Nursing Certificate.

Your guess is as good as mine. Look, this is how employer’s think; they look out for added certificate and specialization so that they can earn more from you. A colleague CEO once told me, ‘I wouldn’t employ anyone who can’t give me 5 times more than I give him.’ Employers always want the best out of you so they always look out for something more than the ordinary. My brother, try as much as possible to separate yourself from the ordinary, get an extra competency.

The writer is a Nurse, a Blogger and a Health and Career Coach. He has been a resource person at countless number of conferences and students platforms both on health and career developments.  For Health or Career Counselling and Speaking Engagements, contacts (+233)  0505167698



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