In The Mind Of The Employer |#2 Cheap But Competent Labour| S2 E8

By Assandoh

Labour is the main fuel of every company but no one wants to pay more for labour. At the back of every employer’s mind is how they can execute tasks at the lowest cost. So as you sit behind the interview table, one thing that runs through his mind is how he is going to get all those experience and qualifications at the minimum cost possible.

Even the government does. Have you asked yourself why the government is employing more auxiliary nurses (health assistant) than professional nurses even though WHO’s standard ratio for professional nurses to auxiliary nurses is 60% to 40%.

One day, during an interview session for the position of a nurse tutor, I was asked the amount I will charge for my services. I confidently mentioned the same figure individuals having the same qualification and doing a similar work collects. The interviewer pleaded for reduction but I was unwilling to reduce my charge because I felt cheated. I left the interview desk with a price a little below what I proposed.

The interviewer told me I was the best person for the job because I had some years of teaching experience (some teaching I did after high school) but I was never called till today. The few times I went there, the secretary did not allow me to see the human resource manager because she has been ordered to do so.

That was a clear opportunity I missed. I had the qualification and I priced myself against those with the same qualification but I forgot that those I compared myself to, had more experience than I do. Pricing at the interview table can be dire; it can either give you a job or take away a job from you.

Why do you think that in Ghana, those with diploma are hotter cakes than HND holders and why do you also think HND holders are hotter cakes than Degree holders. In a profession where all these categories of certificates available, it’s the least that gets the most employments. It all boils down to one thing; the employer has profit on his mind.

The writer is a Nurse, a Blogger and a Health and Career Coach. He has been a resource person at countless number of conferences and students platforms both on health and career developments.  For Health or Career Counselling and Speaking Engagements, contacts (+233)  0505167698


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