In The Mind Of The Employer |#3 Experience & #4 Extra Competence| S2 E9

By Assandoh

It’s so amazing how Experience and Extra Competence cut across the whole series. They popped up in the season one when we were talking about what we needed for job search. That is because they are things employers look out for in every job searcher. They’ve got that on their mind.

Today, every employer requires some number of years of experience before they employ and quite recently, extra competence has also become a norm in most job listings.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the experience employers look out for because I have written about them. Just click on the links below.

I have also written about extra competence. You can also click on the link below to read about it.

  • Extra Competence

As I always say, though employers place a lot of value on them, they aren’t there to disqualify anyone. Just bear in mind that experience and extra competence are not difficult thing to get. Just follow the tips, and you will find yourself your dream job.

We have come to the end of another Season. I hope you’ve learned something from the Season Two. Very soon we shall start the Season Three. Till then, stay glued to this website, for more career and health information.

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In The Mind Of The Employer |#2 Cheap But Competent Labour| S2 E8

By Assandoh

Labour is the main fuel of every company but no one wants to pay more for labour. At the back of every employer’s mind is how they can execute tasks at the lowest cost. So as you sit behind the interview table, one thing that runs through his mind is how he is going to get all those experience and qualifications at the minimum cost possible.

Even the government does. Have you asked yourself why the government is employing more auxiliary nurses (health assistant) than professional nurses even though WHO’s Read More

In The Mind Of The Employer |Certificates| S2 E7

By Assandoh

I would like to first surprise you by telling you the employer is not interested in your Certificates. They don’t need your certificates or your qualifications. That’s the last thing they actually look out for.

It may sound ridiculous but that’s the truth. They look out for something else. They hardly call you for interview based on your certificates. Read More

In The Mind Of The Employer| S2 E6

By Assandoh

In the mind of the employer, what does he really want? I used to ask myself this mystifying question after my university education. Though I’d sent a lot of applications, I wasn’t getting any feedback from them.

Everyone has expectations and before one can flow with us, he/she has to either meet our expectations fully or half way. In that same manner the employer has his own Read More