Campus Hygiene

IMG_20180327_085953.jpgHygiene has a huge impact on campus life and academic performance; yet many students remain ignorant about good hygienic practices.

This book helps you to understand how hygiene affects your life on campus and learn to stay free from hygiene related diseases.




Key Features

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Free from medical jargons
  • Both Hard Copy (Printed Version) and Soft Copy (ebook Version) are available.
  • Electronic version (ebook) makes it easily accessible: on phones, tablets and laptops
  • Very cheap:
  • Ebook (Soft Copy) costs GHS1.99 and
  • Printed version (Hard Copy) costs GHS11.99

All monies are payable via Mobile Money. Call +233 (0) 24 162 6446

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