The Job Hunt College

CoverMaker-1515585846233.jpgThe real secret to securing a good job offer is being able to understand the job search markets and knowing how to write a powerful and compelling job application.

This book equips you with these necessary skills, prepare you for the job search market and guide you to develop good interview skills.




Key Features

  • Concise, easy to read and understand
  • Both Hard Copy (Printed Version) and Soft Copy (ebook Version) are available.
  • Electronic version (ebook) makes it easily accessible: on phones, tablets and laptops
  • Very cheap:
  • Ebook (Soft Copy) costs GHS4.99 and
  • Printed version (Hard Copy) costs GHS19.99 


All monies are payable via Mobile Money. Call +233 (0) 24 162 6446 

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