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What You Need For Job Search |#3 Experience| S1 E11

By Assandoh As a fresh graduate or student, never think “experience” is an unrealistic term coined by employers to disqualify graduate from being employed. The bottom line is employers want you as much as you want them just that they want the best. It shouldn’t be a term you should be mad about. Not at all. […]

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What You Need For Job Search |#2 Job Search Skills| S1 E10

One skill every graduate need after school is to be able market him/herself to potential employers. This does not come from classroom tutorials.

Every job seeker is a marketer selling their potentials…

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What You Need For Job Search |#1 Extra Competency| S1 E9

One thing I often regret is how I was unable to impregnate my CV with relevant short courses and workshops during my tertiary education days; though it’s not too late. Have you ever thought of what a certificate in Counselling

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What You Don’t Need For Job Search |#3 Well – Paid Job| S1 E8

By Assandoh Another thing you have to bear in mind is that, you don’t have to really get a well-paid job immediately after school. That shouldn’t be your priority or your primary focus for your job search. Though some may be fortunate to find themselves one, which may not be the case for most fresh […]

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